Design Center

Hand made is at the heart of jewelry design. No piece of jewelry can be made without the touch of a human hand. Technology has allowed for more and more design work to be done on computer and automated machinery. But pieces are still cast, buffed, texture and stones set by a skilled jeweler.

This is where Aaron comes in. As an apprentice to his father, hand fabricating jewelry, is where he found his start. That is a tradition that he carries on today. It is also why Devin and Aaron collaborate so well. Devin designs in wax and the virtual world, while Aaron design’s and fabricates in the metal world. They are able to create one of a kind pieces through technological advancement and traditional jewelry fabrication combined.

When they were younger they collaborated on painting. Aaron would paint the background and Devin would paint the more realistic foreground. Their opposing skill set allows for a unique combination in all of their artistic endeavors. Their jewelry is no different. A bond forged by birth carries with it a lifetime of collaborations.