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What does it mean to be Sustainable?

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Please forgive my typos, bad grammar, and misspelling. I am a jeweler that writes not a writer that jewels.

I realize it has been a while since my last post. Something I am working on doing more regularly…

My post today is going to dive in to what it means to be sustainable. As some of you know, or don’t know, we are very much pushing for a fully sustainable store. My last post touched a bit on our mission. Providing you access to product and services that you can feel good about supporting and wearing. What that means on our end is a lot of research and asking our suppliers the tough questions. As […]

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Sustainable Future

I realize I am Blog posting back to back, but I did not want to make that last one too long. I did want to share some exciting news. As you may or may not know since our takeover from our father we have been re-arranging how the business functions. There are now two of us designing and fabricating (Devin and I), which obviously influences our inventory and custom abilities. We have been updating the look of the store. Thanks especially to South Paw signs, Under the Sun Painting, and an especially huge thanks to Jory Brigham: jorybrigham.com . You may have also noticed that our inventory has been changing. Not only with our own lines but with other artists and manufacturers. We have […]

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The BLOG begins

We have decided it is time to Blog a bit. Give you some insights in to the business, our goals, and help educate people about our industry. I am sure it will be filled with typos, run-on sentences, and bad grammar. But the goal is to create a dialogue and impart information. So please forgive us, mostly me, for any of the above mentioned. That being said here is the start. For those who don’t know our history we are a 2nd generation jewelry shop. Devin, I and our amazing staff carry on a tradition taught to us by our father Tony. When he started the business it was a much simpler time. Gold was relatively inexpensive, rent was not outrageous and there was […]

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Naledi Valentines Promotion

We just received 24 rings from our bridal partner Naledi. All with live diamond center stones. These rings are complete and ready to be taken home! We will have these beautiful rings in stock until Feb. 14th.!!!

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New Video by The Cana Family

Thanks for watching!

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2013 Jeweler’s Smackdown

Vote for the best design and you could win a $500 gift certificate to The Gold Concept or Kevin Main Jewelry!

Kevin Main Jewelry and The Gold Concept go head to head in this year’s SLO Jeweler’s SMACKDOWN! Each design studio had 8 weeks to design two unique pieces of equal value. And now you get to vote!

(voting ends december 1st – there will be 2 winners – each will be notified by email – each winner will receive one $500 gift card)

Can’t decide? If you want to see the pieces up close and personal they will be on display at Kevin Main Jewelry and The Gold Concept (both located on Higuera St in the heart […]

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Support SARP at Evening with an Artist

Evening with an artist 2013Evening with an Artist

Come join us at Green Gate Farms for evening with an artist this Friday. Ourselves and two other artists will have booths set up to sell our art in support of SARP. There will also be wine and food to enjoy while socializing. Go to RISEslo.org for full details of this great event.

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Bill Rice – Hand Engraver – Art After Dark – Sept 6th, 2013

Bill Rice is beyond amazing with his engraving techniques. Please visit him at our Art After Dark! He will be demonstration and having a live demo in the store from 6:00pm-9:00pm. You will not want to miss it!

Gold Concept Ring 1 low

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New Bridal Case

Jory Brigham did a spectacular job on the new bridal case. Please look at his items at jorybrigham.com. He is an amazing designer. As you can see his work speaks for itself.

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Art After Dark

While we spent some time updating the shop we took a brief hiatus from participating in Art After Dark. We still have many plans to keep modernizing the shop, but it is to a point that we are proud to once again host this great event. Tonight we will be featuring beautiful floral art from Flowers by Fluidbloom. We will keep you posted on each artist of the month. Hope to see you. The Art After Dark walk happens the first Friday of every month in downtown San Luis Obispo!


Art After Dark

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