Design Center

Sustainability is one of our top priorities as a business. In order to have a truly sustainable business we must be environmentally sustainable, fiscally sustainable and humane. How we choose to do this is through supporting environmentally responsible jewelry techniques and products, maintain a profitable business model, and treating our staff and community as our family.

To be an environmentally sustainable jewelry store we must always analyze our supply chain and constantly re-work it to be as environmentally safe as possible. Working with groups like Ethical Metalsmiths allows us to source recycled and fair-mined precious metal, ethically sourced gems, lab-grown gems, and continued education. We also choose our artists based on their stance on the environment and philanthropic endeavors. Collaboration is the best way to bring new sustainable practices in to our world.

Beyond that we also feel a commitment to our staff, community and vendors is key to true sustainability. Providing the best wage possible, health care and a fun collaborative work space is a must in todays business world. A business is only as good as the team the supports it. Rather than having a traditional advertising plan we shifted those funds to supporting community fundraisers as well as local non-profits like CASA and larger non-profits like the Ocean Conservency. We believe in helping to support that which makes our world a better place.