Our collection of jewelry designers meets our high standards of quality, originality, and precision.

Started with Intuition, Continuing with Tradition.

The Gold Concept is a family-owned jewelry and design studio, providing for the jewelry needs of the central coast since 1971. Started by Anthony Gomez and continuing the tradition through his two sons, Aaron and Devin, the Gold Concept produces custom pieces designed and hand-crafted in house by Sibling Studio (that’s code for Aaron and Devin). GC also provides jewelry from many other artisans, all of whom we personally know and support.

The Gold Concept Jewelry and Design’s aim is to provide beautiful jewelry through sustainable business practices. Using recycled precious metals, ethically sourced gems, Lab-grown gems and providing education of these sustainable practices to its clientele. It is the goal of GC to create family heirlooms that do not come at a cost to future generations, but can be handed down through generations. That commitment is extended to every artist that we carry.

GC is as proud of its commitment to sustainability as it is of its jewelry. You are invited to look at, touch, and ask about the quality and sustainability of each piece – they enjoy sharing the stories behind the jewelry. They believe in educating their customers not just selling them a product. And if you’d like them to make you a custom piece that only exists in your minds eye, just ask and they’ll gladly help. All things great started simply as an idea.

For a complete list of services that they offer please browse their various product lines on the website, or give them a call. On behalf of everyone at The Gold Concept Jewelry and Design, thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Custom Design & Fabrication
  • Engraving
  • We buy scrap gold
  • Hand-fabricated or computer-aided design CAD
  • Ear Piercing
  • Consignment for those pieces that are not scrap
  • Jewelry Repair – Ring Sizing, Laser Welding, Stone Setting, Electroplating, Clasp Replacement
  • Stringing: Pearl and Bead
  • Complimentary jewelry cleaning and stone inspection
  • Watch battery replacement & watch band

Aaron Gomez

Having been raised by the founder of The Gold Concept, I have been around jewelry my entire life. I dabbled in jewelry fabrication while I was still making custom furniture and cabinetry. Enjoying the craft so much I started by formally apprenticing under my father in 2009. In order to enhance my jewelry skills I headed to Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. And the rest is history…well actually it turned in to my brother and I taking over the store from our father, working tons of hours, completely remodeling the store, and building a bigger shop space on site. It is truly a labor of love and I am forever grateful to my family for the ability to carry on this tradition.

Devin Gomez

Since I can remember, I’ve been drawing and painting in my formative years. I studied art and design at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I’m continuing my lifelong journey to understand and learn the art of jewelry design. Being the son of a jeweler pre-disposed me to appreciating the creativity and attention to detail that goes into making jewelry. There is nothing more fulfilling than starting with an idea, or a sketch, or a lump of wax and forming it into something that did not exist before. I am honored and humbled to be able to make jeweled art for a living with my brother and family.

Handmade Jewelry

Sustainability Sourcing

In-house Design Center

Hand made is at the heart of jewelry design. No piece of jewelry can be made without the touch of a human hand. Technology has allowed for more and more design work to be done on computer and automated machinery. But pieces are still cast, buffed, texture and stones set by a skilled jeweler.

This is where Aaron comes in. As an apprentice to his father, hand fabricating jewelry, is where he found his start. That is a tradition that he carries on today. It is also why Devin and Aaron collaborate so well. Devin designs in wax and the virtual world, while Aaron design’s and fabricates in the metal world. They are able to create one of a kind pieces through technological advancement and traditional jewelry fabrication combined.

When they were younger they collaborated on painting. Aaron would paint the background and Devin would paint the more realistic foreground. Their opposing skill set allows for a unique combination in all of their artistic endeavors. Their jewelry is no different. A bond forged by birth carries with it a lifetime of collaborations.